Add Powered by Stripe official logo to Buy Button

First up, you guys rock. I was able to take an idea to full MVP in 2 days with Glide. And I now have 40 paying customers and we’re growing like crazy.

However, 1/5 customers are really hesitant to make a payment in the Glide app as it does not show anything about who is processing the payment. Honestly, it looks really sketchy. Please add the Stripe logo or “Payments by Stripe” somewhere on the buy button form to reassure customers.



You can change the text of the Buy button, would that work for you?

Hey George,

No, that’s the issue now. There’s nothing official like all eCommerce stores showing the official logo and statement of who is processing the payment. It just uses Stripe js.

I haven’t experimented with the Shopping Cart yet, just individual buy buttons which the text of which can be changed. I’ll have to take a look.
I just took a look at how the shopping cart works. So the individual Buy buttons are the same as they are for individual buys. You just check the settings box in the component to add the item to the Shopping Cart instead of going to an instant individual purchase. The text on the buy button can be set to whatever you want.

@senorcodecat Can you take a screenshot and mock it up as to what you are looking for? I’m guessing that you are taking about the checkout screen, which is what you meant by the “buy button form” and not the individual buy buttons themselves.

Something super simple using the official “Powered by Stripe” logo assets.

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A work around could be to get and display this logo using a rich text or image component. Users / buyers will be informed that they will use stripe to buy online.

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Precisely, but the checkout screen doesn’t allow for any image placement. I would need to add an in-between screen step just to show the image. Not the best UX.

Hum… Good point…
So, the stripe logo above or bellow the buy button. But yep, stripe should be mentioned at checkout time…

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Precisely. All of us using Glide are unproven stores/apps/businesses. It’s really important to establish trust at the point of payment.


Precisely! :blush::+1:t2:


I think this would be a huge value add + would add a ton of legitimacy to purchases + would greatly increase all conversions. Which wouldn’t hurt Glide too much either :slight_smile:

Any updates on whether this UI change can happen?

Builder how has ‘powered by stripe’ asset, topic closed.