Add clock time into the navbar


I would like to add the current time as a clock to an app, directly into the navbar, top right.

Is that something doable?


I don’t think there’s a way to do it without CSS, and even with CSS on Business/Enterprise, I don’t know if you can run some sort of script to get the current time to display it where you want.

It’s more of a problem about getting the value to display, than displaying it somewhere on the screen, as I understand.

Ya…CSS is only way to manipulate an item’s position, and I don’t know if there’s a way to place it outside the confines of the active app window.

Getting the current time is no problem. In the user profile table, let’s say, create a Math column with a variable “now”. Point it to the “now value” in the replacements dropdown. Format it as “time only”.

Display this value on every screen you want the clock to appear using a text component.

However, from there, I don’t think it’s possible to touch the navbar.

Ah, I think you have a point there. Since clocks might only need hour and minute, it’s not much of a problem for the update to be only 10 seconds or so, but it’s still not truly real time (if you want it to turn to the next minute the same time as a real clock, there might be a delay).

For the CSS, there might be a way to append the item using the ::after technique, but I wouldn’t bet on it working very well for different screens.