Add Auto Log Out Feature

Please add an “auto logout” feature that allows an app to automatically log a user off after X amount of time of inactivity. For example, allow an app creator to choose when users should be automatically logged out after inactivity (such as 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, Never, etc.). This would be a great feature to add for security purposes. This could be an optional feature, just as there are options for signing on as displayed in the image below.

I wasn’t able to post in the “Features Request” topic, so I am posting it here. Please help!

Hi @MattW, good idea. Though this won’t be on our roadmap for a while.

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This is something that most smartphones provide natively: lock the screen after X minutes, etc.

Thanks for the reply @iamtomgray! It’s not as big of a deal on smartphones, but the app stays on computer web browsers forever (unless a user remembers to log out). The app we are working on is mainly used with computers, so having an auto logout feature is really important for security.