Actual vs Forecast revenue question

How can I calculate an actual revenue (based on events in the past) and a forecast revenue (based on events in the future) ?
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  • Actual Revenue: would be a sum of sales, yes? Assuming that you are recording sales in a table, then you can use a rollup column to sum all the amounts.
  • Forecast Revenue: how would you calculate this if you were to do it manually?
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Hello Daren

actual = sum of sales up to today
forecast = sum of sales coming in the future (assuming I have a date for each event)

Dear Daren

Have you any tips to cover my request?
Basically I record events and split the revenue by participants
I need to report on events and revenue older then today and also report on events and revenue planned in the future
Hope my explanations are clear

Thank you

Can you show us a sample of how your data looks like?

data set

Please allow access to Thank you.


Which table in the file should I take a look at? And which columns are you using to reference the revenue?

Shows table : “Date for the show”
Zicos : “Tip for the zicos” (musician revenue for a specific show)
MyBalance : dashboard for actual revenue vs forecast (sum of credit vs sum of debits)
MyDebs : store all debits made by a musician

actual revenue = sum of all the “Tip for the show” for a musician participating to a show (“Participant”) up to now
forecast = sum of all the “Tip for the show” for a musician assigned to a show (“Participant”) planned in the future (based on date for the show)