Actions library

When I create a new action it’s not unreasonable to expect to see a list of options that includes previously created actions. For example, an action used for a different component belonging to a different tab.

Ideally the default menu of actions to choose from (view item, show form, show notification, etc…) should be extended with a list of actions currently used elsewhere in the App. I appreciate some of the structure may break when loading, but for another component with a similar purpose this would be useful.

As an example, I have a form with a custom action. It comprises 25 repetitive sub-actions. Each one uses a unique relation and connects to a list of 20 columns that I need to Clear. You can image the time spent programing such an action. It’s tedious ad nauseum. Now take that to the power 10 when you discover you need a 2nd and a 3rd form driven by different components. It’s ghastly.

So come on Glide, beef up the new action options, please!

Reusable actions will be added very soon. See

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