Group actions by Table in Action Library

The left side of the ‘Actions’ screen is the library of Actions created and named. Simple request - the Action library should grouped by Table or at least the option the group by Table.

The presentation in the Actions within components is by Table associated with the screen - the library should mirror this presentation and present Table/Action(s).

Especially important when you have scores or hundreds of actions.

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I’ve started naming my actions with table name included so they’ll sort alphabetically by table for now, but this would be great!


I do something similar to Megann. Right now my naming convention is:
Tab - Table - Main action (detail if needed)

This way actions are grouped by tab they are launched on, and I can see the table they run on (which is otherwise often cut off) and the main action.

I’m not really happy with this yet, but it’s getting better little by little.