Action Sequences and Set Col, Show Screen Conditional tests

What are the ‘rules’ for what is visible within Action Sequences such as Set Column Value, Show Screen and Conditional testing.

Conditional tests seems to be User + field from ‘this item’

Set Column Value appears to be this ‘this item’ and some of the relations with ‘this item’. Specifically, those relations that exist at the time you are creating the sequence.

Not sure on the last part.


Firstly, all actions are going to be based on whichever table is the source of whatever triggered that action. So if you have a button on a screen, whichever table drives that screen, is the table that is referred to whenever you see a reference to “This Item”. But, if you have an action triggered from an inline list, then actions, and subsequently, “This Item” are going to be based on the table that drives that inline list.

Now there are some additional exceptions. If the table that sources the action has a Single Relation, then you are also able to set value through that single relation. Of you select a relation instead of ‘This Items’ then all fields you see will be in that related table.

Conditions are really only going to be based on what’s visible on that source table. It can be any basic columns or computed columns, but you can’t reach through a relation. However, if you have a lookup from a single relation, you can use that for a condition.


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