Action : Multiple Row

Hello dear Community !

I need your help :smiley:

I create an expense app for a business.
The idea is that the employees add their expenses (amount, date and picture).

Now, I want to export the expenses with action => webhook to create a PDF with the selected month expenses for accounting.

An idea of how I can take multiple row and send the information to webhook ? :slight_smile:

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The native DocsAutomator and PDFMonkey integrations have not allowed it yet. I think your best bet is to:

  • Use a third-party solution like Make, send a webhook with your line items over there
  • Generate a file with DocsAutomator/PDFMonkey module
  • Upload the file somewhere
  • Get the file link back to Glide

Another option is to generate the HTML code in advance if you’re using PDFMonkey, and then you can use the PDFMonkey integration right in Glide.

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Hello ThinhDinh,

Thank you for taking time to reply.

Have you an idea of how to send multiple row to webhook ?

I explain :

A row is an expense (date, amount and picture), I want to create a repport of many expenses (many row). I need to “send” many row to webhook.