Action log history missing steps

Here is an action I have

A “normal” log would be (for the first branch)


Although I do not know why the Set Column values is ahead of the Used branch.

A “abnormal” log would be (for the first branch)

In this case the Used branch and Set column values are in proper order but the other nodes did not get logged.

The data set in the set columns is pretty much the same except for the name change.



Is there a little issue with the logging?

Can you talk a bit about the Delete Row step? Is it deleting the current row or some other row via a relation?

I’m wondering if there could be a race condition and/or context switch coming into play, which is causing the sequence to abort early in some cases.

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So the action is working on the Session table. The test and Set Columns are all working on columns in that table (that are user specific). The Delete and Add Row are working on another table - Session Reservations thru a relation column in the Session table.

Interestingly enough no one has complained that data is missing, or the system did not update and taking a very fast look at the I do not notice any extra reservations. I did find today 5-6 empty rows in the Session Reservation table.

So I finally figured out the issue. Hopefully I can explain this properly. The problem occurs on this page of the app.


Unfortunately, the Done Changes, calls the action above (the one on the left) even if there there was no change. Problem 1. I have fixed this so it only shows the Done Changes when there has actually been a change. I will eventually take out the first column.

My users are using the app on a computer. They delete a record via Delete Reservation buttons which deletes the record. Then use the forward and/or backward arrows of the browser, rather than the button in the app to traverse the page. When they traverse forward they then push the Done Changes (instead of Cancel) which runs the first column of the action on a record that has been deleted. I am sure that all the other issue above are for the same reason. The record becomes invalid as they use the forward/back of the browser.

I had sent out a note to them to not use the browser forward/back but who reads anything now days :smile:

Thanks for the help.