🆕 Action Editor - Recent Runs

Ever wished you could peek under the hood to find out what’s going on with your Custom Actions?

Well, now you can!

In the Action Editor now you’ll find a “Recent Runs” tab.

Once you enable Recent Runs, then all actions will be logged. Not only will they be logged, but you’ll be able to see the data that was sent/changed with each Action.

This is a game changing feature and will make debugging complex custom actions a breeze.

Thank you Glide Team! :heart_eyes:

oh, and as an added bonus we now have access to the Data Peek view in the Action Editor…


Will these be available in a hidden sheet that we can access outside of the action editor? You know like logins are now recorded?

Not that I’m aware of, but it’s a brand new feature so who knows where it might go? :man_shrugging:

I’ve already asked if the user that triggered the action can be included as part of the log. I think that would be incredibly useful.


Thanks for the brief info. I saw it last night and wondered what it did. I am adding some addrows() to some actions and will check it out.

Thanks for this @DJP !!!


Credit goes to @Nuthinking!