Access to Favorites Data


How can I get access to the Favorites data from within a spreadsheet? I’d love to be able to do some spreadsheet magic with that data on a per user basis. For example, I’d love to be able to populate another sheet with all of the favorited items and build functionality on top of that.


Hey @togume!

At the moment that data is not shared with your sheet. However, I will move this post to the #feature-requests category and add it on our wishlist.


Thanks, @JackVaughan!

+1 on this. @JackVaughan are there any ways around this for now using a form?

Right now I want to record which users are ‘using specific items’ from my list. Like user 1 - - clicked on tomatoes, cucumbers etc.



Pretty much the only essential thing that is missing for me now is an ‘App: Favorites’ tab in the sheet.


  • Unique reference - key + id, to item
  • User email
  • Timestamp added

@Dave_McManus - sorry for missing your message above. Not at the moment.

@TimNZ Welcome to the forum! Yes, that sounds about right.

This would be a great way to measure engagement!


Is there any progress on this?

Lots of progress. We will soon have a way for you to implement a feature like Favorites on your own, and access the data. Although the data will not write back to your sheet – it will be accessible in the Glide data editor and for reuse in your app.


Please don’t hide Favourites data.

Since you don’t have an API, the upside of having the data maintained in the Sheet is we can drive smarts using so many other platforms that work with Sheet docs.

At a minimum please also mirror the App: Logins as a log,

Add to my suggestion another column:

  • On/Off: on = favourited, off = unfavourited

Hola @david

Will that Favorites data increase the amount of records in any App if it uses that data to do other process/calculations?

If so, it will bring an indirect problem by accident. I mean, if 30 customers select 10 products as Favorite in 1 day, the App will have 300 additional rows very quick and its perfomance could be affected in few days.

Thanks for you help


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Yes please

This is such a needed feature.

I second @TimNZ - a further column that mirrors Login’s Log would be enough for the time being.

Having Favorite’s in the Data sheet is unfortunately useless, as there is no way to create views and marketing reports.

Go Glide, make it happen :slight_smile:

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Very exciting! Any news on when this function be available david? Thanks for the great work! :raised_hands:

For whoever that’s looking for a workaround in the meantime
This is how we did it to get a list of people’s “Favorites”

  1. Create an if-else column in the favorite options sheet, that checks the Is Favorited? column and print the user email

  2. In another user preference sheet, that contains a local user’s email column, create a Relation column that links to the favorite options sheet, cross referencing the user’s email field created in Step 1. Now you have an array column that shows all the favorited options. If it’s looking up all the favorited item’s Row ID, then go to Step 3

  3. Create a lookup column inside the user preference sheet, use the relation created in Step 2 and choose the name column (or equivalent) to show the favorited item’s name list

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I read through this and still cannot figure out how to access the favorites data for a user ? If a user favorites a set of pages how does she get to all of those ?

Were you wanting to view YOUR favorites or those of ANOTHER USER?

I want every user to be able to see what they have favorited. So basically what a user favorites. As a developer I don’t care much about what others have favorited. I’m assuming that I can “Preview As” to test it.

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Simple, then. Create an inline list of the “favorited items” anywhere you want and then filter it where “Is favorite” is true.

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