Access Requests Management

Hi all. Had a quick look in Docs and can’t see a way to automate the Request Access process. I do like the Requests going to a list to then be Approved but i dont get any notification about it. Is there anywhere to determine the notifications via email or better again can I setup an Admin function to add it the app so i can send Push notifications to alert admins of a user requesting access?

Any advice is appreciated.

I don’t believe there is any way to automate this, sorry.

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Yeah true. Looks like a Feature Request.
I’ll probably have to turn it off and do the Access Request external with Carrd and Google Sheets or Mailchimp maybe.

What you could do is allow them to login, but keep them sandboxed until such time as their account is approved. All you would need is a simple onboarding screen where you get them to tap a button which could trigger a notification.

The downside to that is that it will negatively affect your user count, and you’ll need to implement some additional logic to remove the account if it isn’t approved.


True. I’m just trying to create the best experience for users and make it better for admins of apps. It will get there im sure :slight_smile:

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Hi, related to that issue I have another question.

Is it possible to change the access request email to another admin’s email?
I’m talking about the email that received when someone wants to sign in to the app but not appears on the users table yet.

Thanks ahead

@BrettH Can you help with the question above?

Say there’s an “Admin A” in the team, I add another “Admin B” and wants to change a specific app’s “access request email receiver” to “Admin B”, then is it possible?

What’s the current default for that “access request email receiver”?