Access Level is not working

Hi community members,
I’m new in Glide Apps.

I’m building a clone app from the tutorial (Insiders) and when I’m giving edit access to Admin, I’m facing a problem. All details are in screenshots attached.

I have accessed in the app as an Admin.**

In the first screenshot, the edit button is not showing when I changed edit permission to Admin.

In the second screenshot, " the access level is Premium " condition is not working. I want to give access to only premium users, not free users.

Please help me to solve these.


Are you viewing the app as

Left side of screen, Preview as

Yes. Even I have previewed as all the users

I would suggest sharing the app with someone to have them actually inspect it real quick, normally it’s something simple overlooked.

Hello @abirtanjinadnan how are you, first know if you are using the free version, if this is so, the admin function is no longer available in the free version of Glide, only in the Pro version. Kind regards

He is not using a Glide ‘admin’ feature, he is doing his own permissions system with Text values.


I think it’s just row assignment, or a quick fix like that.

ok, I think I was rushed, sorry. Thanks for clarifying and correcting my mistake David. Cheers

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