Accepting crypto payment in the APP via

Has anyone here tried to integrate via API service to accept crypto payments in the APP?
Can you manage the callback process as well (in Google Sheet or Glide Table)?

@Harry_OBrien Did you succeed in this?

I thank those who want to give me some guidance because I have never implemented a scenario like this.

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Have you tried embedding this platform into a webview component?

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Hi friends, thanks for considering DePay as option. If you need help with integrating our Open Source Web3 payments solution, feel free to ping our team in our Telegram community (@ depayfi) or send us a support request via our website :pray: happy to help. Cheers, Alex


No, because I couldn’t get info from the callback like that - correct me if I’m wrong.
I need to proceed to a next step in the APP immediately after the crypto payment has taken place.

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Thanks! I will experiment soon