About send a pin via SMS from your @twilio

About send a pin via SMS from your @twilio

I have a question about the pin receiving settings for this feature.

In case my users have not logged in to my app yet. This is the first time logging in. How to set up the PIN code to be sent in the user’s SMS?

I can’t find a phone number field on the sign in page.

I tried to read After giving advice, I’m still confused and don’t understand. Please advise me how this feature works.

Thank you very much.:pray::pray:

This feature is for sending pins to signed up users who have a phone number in a column of your choice. Email is still the only way to sign up and log in.


@tuzin I am unable to find the setting in the “users & authentication” area to enable the SMS with Twilio feature.

On the website it mentions:
With our Twilio integration, users can receive a one-time pin to their phone number to sign in to their Glide apps. To access this feature, you must enable “Via SMS with Twilio” in the “Users & Authentication” settings. Head over to our docs to learn more.

Are we not able to log users in via sms? How does this feature work?

You need to enable the feature in the Previews section of your team settings in the dashboard.

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Hi Jeff, this area use to be in my dashboard but has since been removed. Do you know if the UI changed? Possible to send a screen shot of where it lives for you? @Jeff_Hager

You must be an Admin of your team to access the Team Settings.

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