Ability to deploy changes to multiple apps that are "Children" of a Parent app

Forgive me if I am not explaining this in the right technical terms - but the use case is that you build an app but choose to host different clients on their own unique copy. What makes this difficult at the moment is that you have to maintain and make changes to each app separately which makes maintenance a nightmare. If you could organize children apps under a parent app, any change made to the parent app would be deployed to all children. From my perspective this means more data security for the clients, less maintenance for the app maker, and more proapps for Glide. Personally, the cost of a pro app is downright cheap compared to the complexity and headache of the data structure you have to build to separate client environments in a single app. Thank you!


Would this be for apps that share the same sheet?

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No, they would have different sheets. It would be like creating a template and then duplicating it each time you set up a new customer, and the changes to functionality would be deployed across all children. Sheet changes made in the master would somehow also deploy to the children’s sheets–Now I realize that sheets may complicate the ability to do this, if not preclude it, but perhaps when the data editor is capable of building apps with no sheet. Just wanted to get this out there!