A Whatsapp clone (Private Messenger app) but needs only one more thing

I want to show received messages and send messages with a different colour or different alignment like in whatsapp. But, seems that is not possible inside an inline list.

But, just putting it out here in case anybody has an idea.

In order to use, you will need to create two email accounts and add contacts and then use it on two different phones or browsers, but making sure the phone numbers are accurate.

Here’s a screenshot of the page where I would like the colors or alignment to be different.

The send message is left aligned. The received messages are having spaces added at the front. Each messages has a column value that indicates if it send or received. But, is there a way to use that value and change the alignment of text or color of the card? It is an inline list with cards. Also, it is possible to show unlimited lines of text in the Details for an inline list?

I don’t think it’s possible to do it now, but Glide’s native chat can do this.