A User Define Situation

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User Specific Columns hold a different value for each user in the same row, and it’s impossible for one user to see the values that have been set by any other user.

This appears to be a follow up to a previous question of yours, and I think I may have advised you to use User Specific Columns. However, I didn’t realise at the time this was how you intended to use it.

Anyway, if you need to be able to view the values set by other users, then you need to use a non-user specific column. It looks like each row belongs to a separate user anyway, yes? If that’s the case, there really is no reason to be using user specific columns in this case.

Also be aware that if you have Row Owners applied in your Users table (it’s a bit hard to tell from your video, but it looks like you might have), then that could also prevent users from seeing each others data.

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I guess I tuned in to a different issue not related to user specific columns in your video. I see you have a Lookup column (which presents as an array since you are looking up a column for all rows in a table), and then I assume you are using the Single Value column to try to convert it to a single value to use as your label. The single value column is still an array because you are retrieving an array from the first row in the user table. Instead you should be retrieving the first item from the array. If you check your single value column configuration, I believe you are pulling from the table → lookup column instead of directly from the lookup column.

Another alternative is to use the Single Value column and point it directly at the table with the user specific column and get rid of the Lookup column.

Another alternative is to use a Joined List column to replace your Lookup column. Then you wouldn’t need the Single Value column.