A multi stopwatch via an inline list action

Hi! Can I start a stopwatch and capture the duration for a person in an inline list by tapping that name? A multi-stopwatch where a row is added for each tap of a name in grid of tiles. The row would write the name and duration at the moment the button was tapped.

I’d imagine that would be pretty easy. The stopwatch records the start time when it’s started. You would then need a single value column to bring that start time into the table that’s the source of the inline list. Then when you tap on a name, have it set the start time and current time to two separate columns. Then you only need a math column to calculate the duration.


Thanks, so it’s possible to apply maths to dates? I tried subtracting the current time from the start time but got zero

Yes, it’s possible. You just need to make sure both columns are date columns. I see that your start time column is set up as a text column though. I would change the column type to Date.


Aha that did it! Thank You!! :+1:

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Here’s a little tip: When you’re using an attached Google Sheet, always add new columns via the Glide Data Editor and then let them sync back to the Google Sheet. This will ensure that Glide always has the correct column type configured. I don’t know how many hours I’ve wasted in the past trying to debug things, only to end up discovering a column type mis-match.



Totally agree with this great tip! It makes it so much easier to add columns in Glide to keep typings consistent.


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