A better solution needed

Hello, gliders
any idea will be very appreciated.

I have tasks (3) and users (12)
Each task can hold many users
Users must be chosen by their status (busy) or (free).
Every task has points and must be distributed to the users of each, after completing.

By now, I’m using a few choice components to populate every task, but is not the best solution.

Thanks in advance.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re trying to sort people and match them to tasks that they’re available for? You might try some version of @Robert_Petitto 's inline filter technique to sort people into groups based on their availability. If that doesn’t make sense for what you’re trying to do, you could possibly creat an inline list with a relation column only showing users that are available?

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Hello @dinomeg thanks for your suggestion, I will take a look for sure.