2 Progress Bar questions: Multi-Step Form (w/Vid)

Link to Video explanation

I would like to add a Progress bar to a Multi-Step form.

Q 1: In the Glide Table, do I start by creating a Boolean column or is that just a column where my lists are that I point to?

Q 2: How do I set up the Display side if it’s really just ONE form but it’ll show the rest based on a certain entry.

Thank you!

Hi Jamie,

There are a lot of options as to how you can set this up, and I’m not sure exactly how your conditions are currently set to have the right screen displayed.

One simple way is with a step number / progress index. The next button is incrementing the number up (probably with conditions of the relevant fields being filled). The back button decrements the number, and that number sets the visibility for your different containers.

Your progress bar can be visible regardless of step, and have it’s value be the step number (0,1,2,3 in your case) and the progress bar min and max be 0 and 4.

Since the step number displayed on the progress bar may not make sense to the user, I’d want to change it to percentage.

Personally, and this may be a little complicated explaining in a paragraph, I like to do these data collection steps WITHIN an edit form. The way you have it and described above is fine, but it’ll cost one update for every field entry (or more if they’re taking a while typing into a field like a bio.) You can have the containers within an edit form work the same way, where on submit the step is incremented (or datestamp a completed column for each step), and for all steps except the last, the form is reopened. This adds complexity, but saves a lot on update costs which may matter to you if you have a large number of users but a low budget.


Ah, another option besides percentage, is to make the units of the step number be " of 4 steps" and you’ll have this. Or better perhaps " of 4 steps completed"

Another thought is maybe 4 separate progress bars with hard set values that don’t rely on data in a table. Then just conditionally show each progress bar with visibility rules.