10x Tips for Working in Glide

We’re working on a new type of content for Glide Education — Tips!

Here’s a first go with very general content, would love your thoughts.

In future, we will be covering more in-depth topics like this:

Thanks @Darren_Murphy @Robert_Petitto @iamtomgray and @PabloMFalero for the brainstorming.


Well done! Very clear and those are some great tips that would normally go unnoticed by most new users. I actually didn’t even know about being able to double-click a column header to go straight to Edit mode - awesome!


Me too… don’t know about double-click on column header :man_facepalming:
Very usefull expecially for new users! And clear as all of Jack’s videos are.


:woman_facepalming::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:I didn’t know about “Jumping Arrow” nor the right-click select all then paste: I was looking for it in the components builder list, not the main layout screen.
The pb with Ctrl cmd, if it’s the same for Windows. In the Tables you cannot cancel, can you? (Ctrl Z?) So if you dare and mistype short cuts, “Glide knows what would happen”… So I’d rather not take any of that kind of risks.
Thks, Jack :cherry_blossom:


That’s perfect !

More to come!


Welcome, More! :tophat:

Are those tips accessible?

I’m guessing this is brand new because not long ago it was shown that clicking anywhere on the column header opened the dropdown menu. This ended up being a nightmare for moving columns around, and I was doing a lot of swearing at Glide over the last few weeks about it. Seems to be fixed now with the header double-click! (Although it may also be related to the “duplicate” tab option missing…)

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Great work!

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Very helpful Jack, I think there are so many functions and ways of working that are still hard to find (out) for a beginner (and experts too :wink: ) that all tips and tricks help!

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Pretty cool. I love short videos like this to learn a few tricks at a time. Good job and thank you!


So glad it’s helpful!


Very helpful I’ve been using glide for our a year but some of these tips only know after watching this video.


Very well done!


Looking forward to more of these on a variety of topics. I am new to Glide and was sold on the “no code” aspect. Unfortunately, those that write the documentation tend to be more advanced, code savvy IT folks and still use technical terms, jargon, acronyms, etc. I wish some of the documentation followed more of the “explain it to me like I’m a child” format.


Hey @fluittsolutions. This is really useful to hear. Is there any article in particular that caused you to feel this? Would be good for us to know.

@iamtomgray @PabloMFalero and I are keen to make Glide as easy as possible for beginners.


To me it feels like Glide is moving away from beginners, to be honest.

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Thanks. I come across them as I work. I’ll be better about making a list and asking about them when I come across them. Right now, I could use a super-easy, plain English cheat sheet about all of the new computed columns.

While I’m thrilled to see Glide develop, I agree with @erwblo…the more advanced Glide gets, the more you need to have clear documentation for the non-tech people.

Also I know that people don’t want videos that are too long, but many of the staff and expert videos go very quickly without giving an opportunity for full comprehension. They get click-happy running around the screen saying, “just set up this column, select this, set this field to this, and it will work.”

As a trainer myself, I wish the videos were more, “I want to accomplish A. To do that, I’ll use these three fields/columns. First, I’ll select the X column which is a plain text column. I’ll now use this feature which allows me to tie column X to column Y using this logic.”

Instead of “just do step 1, 2, 3,” we need concept, purpose, and then mechanics.

I am having such fun learning Glide and coming up with tools that will definitely help my clients.


Would you mind elaborating on this? Or maybe share a simple example?