10x Tips for Working in Glide

Hi. Thanks for asking but, I’ll need a little time to compose a good example. I’ll work on it.

That’s really good feedback. As someone who answers lots of questions and makes the occasional video tutorial I will definitely bear that in mind.

When you understand a subject quite well, it’s all too easy to skim over minor details because they seem too obvious to waste any time on. But that’s not always the case. For some people who are watching/reading, they could be entirely new concepts. I get that.

I guess it’s about striking a balance. You (we) want videos to be short, to the point and informative, but not to leave out any important details.

But the good thing about video tutorials is that they can always be paused and replayed :wink:


Thanks, everyone for such considered feedback. I think there are three main types of learners:

  • New people who want to learn quickly and get going
  • New people who want to learn slowly and steadily
  • Experienced people who want to learn powerful new features & techniques

We need to make content that’s right for all three and separate them as categories so people know what to watch for their learning style.

At the moment, we aren’t quite doing that — mainly because of capacity. The content is trying to cater to everyone. As we grow, the future University will have content much more tailored to these three types.

We’re working on it!


I appreciate everyone taking my comments in the good spirit in which they were intended. I will also practice asking my questions very clearly so we can maybe build towards the three audiences @JackVaughan mentioned.


I don’t know if there is a specific shortcut, but you can click on the ‘undo’ button at the bottom of the left panel under Screen infos when you are in the layout mode, I agree it would be great to have this same feature in the data editor too !


Remember, Darren, how Woody Goldberg was pissed against Mick Jagger as she tried over and over again to catch the lyrics of Jumping Jack Flash.
Yes, you can always replay, but sometimes the replay tempo does not help you play back the right moment without missing exactly the value, the word, the move you want - it’s not movie editing with a max images/frame, you can miss some sequences that just aren’t clear image + sound.
Besides, it’s frustrating to have to replay, as an instructor I know how students can feel really bad if they need to ask me to repeat. Not all students dare to ask, so I learned how to be more and more accurate with slower and fewer words: they got it on 1st shot, and everybody’s perfectly tomeboxed, nobody’s frustrated, and I send signals they can ask with confidence, I’m not a “totem instructor” = the kind that pulls a face to discourage any questions by inspiring “fear”.

Yes. Sometimes instructors are so comfortable with the process, that they move too quickly on the screen to even follow their mouse around the page. More of:

  • In the top right-hand corner, you will see X.
  • Click on that for a drop-down menu that contains options that allow you to choose Y.
  • I’m selecting the third one from the top so that I can make my app do Z.

And do that slowly…maybe event twice.


When I learned how to teach properly - ie student-focused, and not me-proving-sth, I kept my hands behind my back to only guide as a voice over. Never took their mouse. And the challenge was to speak steadily but as concise and calm as possible, until students can even click on a menu, a sub menu, a right-click, and wisely wait for my signal before validating to open / or not: proud moment :relaxed: of full cooperation. They know they’d better hear my comments instead of being “clickomatic”, with heavy consequences! (system administrations & application dev).

Good fluittsolutiot !
Hi, I am also a new beginner here and would like more clear information for beginners ?! Why can’t you do some little beginner program where the different steps are so clear that a beginner can do the same things at their own pace? Not videos but clear animation? Not one of those quick videos for a beginner Any benefit?

Have you looked at the rebuilds section in Glide Learn?

Hi Jack, this is a good start for a beginner! But would it be possible for you to make a small application that a beginner could work on for themselves step by step? Such small apps should be like animations, slow? Could the main thing in them always be an application-related theme? Could you have a clear beginner area? Very often those explanations pop up but for professionals? Can any of us beginners grow into a significant number of glide users if you don’t just forget about us?

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I am thinking of publishing Udemy course for this: I am not native english speaker, so my accent maybe thick!
https://app.remoteworker.id my first app in glide. So happy with this!

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@mandat Absolutely! I’m thinking a lot about this at the moment. We are still a small team and so you’ll have to bear with us. I will be building out a lot more content in here.

Currently working on a new first-video that you see when you come into the builder.

Thanks for your patience.