Zap failed email

Can we please have more info in our emails which

zap exactly failed in the app because we have many zaps in the app the email is not specific

If your notification said ‘Error’ then it failed. Of course, if it happened to a user, you would have to ask them which button they clicked.

This email is being sent by glide actually with no detail about which user and no info where

I understand that completely, you said that already. What I’m trying to tell you is how to recognize a failed zap. You have the ability to customize the message after the zap triggers, for example ‘success’. However, if a zap notification says ‘error’ then that’s the zap that failed. Do you understand? this is how to recognize which zap failed.

Yes but for who ?? And ai have more than 20 to 30 zaps

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Forget my advice :joy: You need to make a feature request

Yup its more of an improvement @George_B