xuberEats PRO - fitted with a countdown timer to delivery, you can now search by distance between you and restaurant by opening hrs!



  • New look
  • Public without email until rendered public with email by users.

No cross-ordering – NEW (finally, I managed to nail it) !

  • When an item is added to the Cart wish list, system prevents re-selection except Qt +/-.
  • Selection of a restaurant menu deactivates the cart of all other restaurants. This means one restaurant per order; no room for cross ordering.

Carts close and open with restaurant opening/closing hrs – NEW!

Restaurants with different opening and closing times have been taken care of. When Restaurant closes for business, its cart is deactivated, and reopens when restaurant reopens. Credit for the multiple opening/closing hrs wrapped inside markdown, goes to Jeff.

Search restaurants within 5 miles of you by opening hrs – NEW!

Customers can search by “opening hrs” and “distance between restaurant and their location”(currently set to 5 miles).

Delivery countdown timer & in-app travel time calculator- NEW!

  • When a driver expresses an interest in a job, they are sent info about
  • Distance between driver & restaurant (based on add & co-ordinates’)
  • Distance between driver & customer (based on add & co-ordinates)
  • Distance between customer & restaurant (based on adds.)
  • In-app travel time calculator for drivers to calculate time based on distance and speed. When data is fed into the countdown timer, customers at their end see exactly what time their delivery is coming.

Splits/percentages & pay via PayPal– NEW!

  • App assumes a number of things – delivery drivers get paid at the end of each shift; drivers covers miles as well as pickup/drop off; and restaurants have different contracts with restaurant depending on whether delivery/collection.
  • App calculates collection, and delivery split (restaurant/admin) separately, and allows Admin to pay restaurant their share directly from the app via PayPal, as soon as a new order is received. I did the calculations both on the sheet and in the editor as some prefer Stripe. The collection split is 15/85%, and delivery split is 35/65% (this is the industry norm).
  • Driver split: this is based on 1.40 pickup, 1.50 drop off, and 1.50 per mile covered (similar to the pay policies of the big beasts like Uber etc). The app auto calculates pay, and shows pay per job. Provided Driver has PayPal/Stripe account, Admin can pay driver at the end of each shift from inside the app. It’s all up and running.
  • Driver can log into and out of work, view earnings, and daily job count.

View order progress from prep to delivery countdown – NEW!

Customers can check progress of order all the way to delivery countdown.

On boarding – NEW!

Businesses, customers and drivers all use the same page to sign up instead from different tabs.

Cart – no bolting – NEW!

  • If you order with a restaurant that only offers a delivery service- you don’t get any options
  • If your order with a restaurant that only offers a pickup/collection service – you don’t get any options
  • If you order with a restaurant that offers both, you get to select one only.
  • You cannot place an order unless signed in with name, email, and address.

Detailed User Manual – NEW!

I have a produced a very detailed document for the end user. It’s only 20 pages!


The food industry

Over to you guys.

Thank you!

Thank you @Jeff_Hager. Fed your multiple opening/closing hrs into editor, and is working smoothly, and added the floating button. There is a disclaimer (lol)
Thank you @Pratik_Shah for showing us how to add whatsApp URL inside floating button.
Thank you to @Robert_Petitto, and @Lucas_Pires for the CSS (comes with a disclaimer lol)

Thank you!


This is the one of the best App I have seen so far. Congratulations


Thank you :blush:

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Great job!!!


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is this app for sell


If approved by Glide it will be. It’s being reviewed. If approved, I’ll post an update here.


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Hi Wiz

Hope you are well.

I was wondering do you have a video on how to set data to view accordingly to user email and not show everyones data


Hey Valentine,

You could have a look at this video from the Glide Library on row owners if you haven’t seen it already.

If you are using a private pro app you could also implement Roles into the Row Owners scheme.

More on using roles here.

I hope this helps and happy holidays!

…Also amazing app Wiz!


Sadly, no! But see @Eric_Penn thread below.

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Think you forgot to include the thread


Sorry should have said “above”


Estou fazendo um de Delivery pedidos pelo WhatsApp ,VEJAM O TÓPICO


@Wiz.Wazeer great video!!!


Thank you @SantiagoPerez

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