"Wonders of Life" HowTo?

This is not my app to showcase…But as i’ve been enjoying Brian Cox’s Wonders of Life app on my iPhone -a wonder to me indeed- i have to ask: Was this app in fact built using Glide, and only Glide, as this Kickstarter pitch seems to suggest?

If so, i can only wonder how it might be possible to create a UI that appears so slick and seamless on my iPad, when all those Design Tools i find in my Glide toolbox -tho quite fine for making good functional SmartPhone apps- don’t hold a candle to this one for user engagement. Perhaps there’s a clue on that Kickstarter pitch (which dates back to 2015, if i’m reading this right), where it says “Create stunning mobile apps simply by placing text, images and movies in a Dropbox folder.” Now, i’m not using Dropbox, but if that is the secret to creating such screen magic… Is that it?

In any case: If whoever is responsible for this app could share a little bit about “The Making Of…” that app here, i for one would really appreciate it!

Looks like a completely unrelated company to the Glide we are familiar with. Glide may have been an original name that was changed to Tapjet https://tapjet.co/

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