Why does it create new row and not in the same row?

I am from tab 1 and when I click, data will be written in a row --ok
I will be transferred to tab 2 --ok
In tab 2, I will press a button to record a time stamp–not ok
problem is that I needed Ppilihan to be written in the same row with the time stamp, not in two separate rows.

How can I go around with this? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

In tab 2, you don’t want an Add Row or Form. You’ll want to somehow reference the created row in tab 1 and use an Edit screen or a set column action.


where do I do this ?Edit screen or a set column action. In tab 1 or tab 2 ?

Hello, if what you want is to change the data of a row by pressing a button, then you must use SET COLUM VALUES,
if what you want is that pressing a button opens a list to edit the data then use the SHOW EDIT SCREEN action,
If you need any additional help let me know.