Why and how to switch to GSuite?

Hello. What are the advantages of running a glide app under a gsuite account? Some come to mind.

  1. App looks more professional as it has a company name behind it rather than a personal email. I sent out emails from the spreadsheet. “no-reply” option is only available for gsuite users in spreadsheets MailApp class.
  2. Storage
  3. Other service integrations
  4. Any more?

Once I have an app running under my personal gmail account, how can I transfer the app to a gsuite account having the same spreadsheet. How can I make a backup so that I don’t lose anything.

Thanks for help.

Your best bet to transfer the app for now would be to use the Copy App and Sheet options that’s been mentioned in other posts. I wouldn’t advise using the same spreadsheet as it would still be linked to your personal account. The original app and sheet could be your backup after it’s copied to the gsuite account and the gsuite account could take over as the primary version of the app.