Where's the WARNING before Delete Action?

It was a nice add to have the auto warning pop up for deleting list items on Classic Apps. Finally working on trying to test building our app over in the “New” Apps and it’s definitely a complete “Rethink” on how it gets designed.

Missing some of the simple visual layout things like centering an image. Should NOT need to do this through code or CSS in Glide.

Learned the hard way that there is now no pop up warning before Deleting items. Can this feature be added in the new Apps?

If you “Accidentally” hit that 3 dot menu Delete action for a list item…ITS GONE!

Screenshot 2023-03-30 3.25.10 PM


Yes, but it would be nice if they added it

And even to have an option if we want the warning to appear or not

Then someone is going to come along and say that they want to customize it, which many have in the past because they don’t like the term ‘Item’. Why not customize it from the start?

have an option if we want the warning to appear or not

Thanks for the “Work Around” solution Jeff but if Glide can add a “Delete” warning for things like removing uploaded files or images, then I would assume it would NOT be to hard to give us the same “Delete” warning we had in Classic Apps. :grinning:

Screenshot 2023-03-30 5.17.10 PM

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