What !? you don't know "Discovered"?!

Hi no-coders, Hello start-uppers, Dear dreamers,

If you are reading this lines, chances are you are one of those people who have projects or who are interested in other people’s projects.

(Spoil, my app is made for you)

Discovered allows you to discover entrepreneurial projects (like no-code applications) made by other people.

It’s a bit like Tinder. You right swipe if you like the project…and left if not.
The best ones are listed in the Bests tab. The ones you liked are in your Matches.

You have projects of your own and you have trouble getting them known? Well, we all have that problem, buddy, and that’s what Discovered is for.
Just remember one thing: form is very important, so produce quality content.

Kisses :kissing_heart:

Add your Glides apps, so we can see which one is the best.
So you decide to show us your masterpieces? Come on, don’t be shy! But don’t forget to put the link of a YouTube video that presents your project: it’s much nicer in video :wink:

If you ever see Discovered in Discovered, have mercy bro…swipe right! :pray:

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Nice app.

I went to the details screen of a project on which I swiped right and I’m able to edit this project though I don’t own it. You probably didn’t intend this to happen.

I would have loved to discover more than one project. Let us know when there are more in the app.

Ok :+1:

It’s done. There are more Projects in the App. But add yours! Note that I replaced swipe by two buttons. Now it’s right for useful or left for useless. Discovered