What resolution should my have photos?

Hello everyone, I have a pro app that handles many photos per user, I want to know how can optimize so that it is not heavy.
For example, what resolution should my photos have so that they look good on a tablet and cell phone, and computer.
In my case we have a photographer who takes the photos, I understand that the app is fully downloaded to the cell phone, as I prevent it from downloading the photo each time. I did not find documentation about it, can you guide me how I should work?

It’s true that the database is downloaded to the phone every time you open the app, but just like any website, images should only be downloading and caching as they are needed, so only if they are displayed on the screen. In most cases, glide already optimizes the images for you, especially on inline lists. I’m not sure how much they optimize for larger image or title components. I guess I’ve never paid attention to the resolution of an image, but I’ve never seen any quality issues. If you are displaying a lot of images at once, then it may be heavy because it needs to download and cache each image the first time it’s viewed.

I don’t know if there is an ideal resolution for images. I guess you can try to go as small as you can without losing quality. You would probably have to test different image resolutions.

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In case you didn’t see this about glide and images

If you really want to reduce the size of images there are plenty of optimisation sites out on the web for you to use - I’m sure your aware of this.

There are some great image resources here Glide App Resources | B3