What does User Profile=Profile:User do?

What does User Profile=Profile:User do? I don’t know.

Can you elaborate? Where are you seeing that? Looks like a heading to set a reference.

I’m guessing this is in the Finstagram template, which needs to be updated to use new relations!

@Xann that is our old reference syntax, ignore it!

What does that mean? Also, are you saying that the Finstagram template is outdated?

References/relations are used to link data from two different sheets together. The Glide Library had excellent explanations.


Like this?
User Profile=Profile:User (&) Photos=Posts:User:Multiple :grey_question:

Yes, but as @david said, that is the old method (which still works if you choose to use it). The new method involves adding a new reference column in the data tab within the app builder and is much simpler to understand.

I watched the relations video and yes, it did seem very simple. But what do User Profile=Profile:User & Photos=Posts:User:Multiple do together? (They are from the FInstagram template.)


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What does that mean?

How do I make a friend list from the FInstagram template customized for every user? (How do I make an add friend ability and the ability to see mostly what friends post.)

Match records between sheets where the value in column HeaderName is equal to the value in the ColumnReferringTo column in the SheetReferingTo sheet. If I expect multiple matches, then I add ‘Multiple’.

I think taking time to get a better grasp of relations, per user data, and all of the other components will answer that question for you.

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