What does the Content area do/mean in an Event Picker?

I assume Event start and Event end would be set as the initial Event time if not empty.

Then Start and End should align with Start Time and End Time in the row I am using and will be filled in by the picker.

But what does Title / Description mean or how should it be used?


@Robert_Petitto - you mentioned (2+ years ago) this was exactly how you would have designed it :slight_smile:

Glide Classic Apps are dead to me :sweat_smile:

Until Glide Pages Apps comes out with the Event Picker component, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other.

Even Glide doesn’t have much to say about it:

The description doesn’t seem to show up anywhere, but the title shows up on the event picker calendar after it’s been created.

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Thank you. I figured it had to do something…somewhere. I will continue to ignore it. :grinning: