What do you want/need to learn from me and the other Ambassadors?

Hey guys! :wave:

Like now I’m one the Glide’s Ambassadors, I’d like to ask for your thoughts, cuz more people think better than one :smile:

I’m planning to come back recording youtube videos to help Glide’s community common questions, or also advanced tips.

I’d love to hear from you what you guys think it’s important/needed to record a video talking about, since simple or advanced tips, since relations until how to build a complex flow for their app/page.

You can comment bellow, and I’ll note everything to start this new journey also with my New Setup :desktop_computer:

Every idea is welcome! :smiley:


Making of short videos relating to a specific functionality will help beginners to understand easily.

I have a problem with button bar which I’m adding a delete row action which took some time to delete.Either I need to delete the record in a faster way or I need a pictorial visual of some loading things added to that place.

I will be very happy if you put short videos for this and in the future.


Great idea @Manikandan_R noted :white_check_mark:

Thank you.

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Awesome @Lucas_Pires. Can’t wait to see it. (especially with your fancy new setup :wink: )

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@JackVaughan for sure!

Btw, Jack, do you have any type of “most-asked” questions/how-to’s? Something I can based on to start


I think a useful tutorial might be one that shows people how to use joined lists to create one-to-many and/or many-to-many relations.

Imagine we have Users and Groups. One User can belong to many Groups, and one Group can contain many Users. The traditional RMDB way to cater for this would be to create a 3rd table called Users-Groups and use it to link Users to Groups with one row per User per Group. But in Glide we can use Joined Lists to achieve the same thing without the need for an additional table or any extra rows.

This is useful to know and understand, and I’d guess it isn’t immediately obvious to those new to Glide.


You can start here

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@JackVaughan maybe that notion list we were working on a while back? :thinking:


This question is a perfect example of what I was getting at here.

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First of all, thank you for sharing your ideas and experience in the Glide Power Hour today at YouTube. great idea to filter the long page by choices. i will use it.

Second, i am waiting to see your video to solve such case. i am still thinking as RMDB way of thinking.

Thank you

Yes, I will work with @iamtomgray to put together some resources and content ideas for our ambassadors. Feel free to nudge me if I don’t get back to you on this.


I have more than 150 contractor and it is not suitable to display them all in multi select component.

However, i found @Robert_Petitto video explaining how to do something similar Admins Assign members to teams

it is valid for the mobile app but require extra form in Pages to read and write the “Person Choice” to the user table, although, it should be in one form in Pages.

Kindly, we request a video from the Experts to show us how to solve such problem, which i found many others were asking almost the same question repeatedly in the community regarding many-to-many relationship and prevent repetition.

Thank you for assisting us.

I have a good solution that doesn’t require any additional sheets, but the problem is that you will lose any sort of custom sorting of that list. For a person directory, it’s probably OK because you wanna sort by last name or company name anyway, but in the event of wanting to add a book to a library or a video to a playlist, you’ll lose the ability to sort those individual items as you want them. I’ll create a video on this next week maybe.

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Thank you for your kind assistance and prompt reply.