What are your use-cases for the JSON Column?

Reading how the JSON column works, I understand.
But how do you use this or how do you plan to use this?
What are your use cases?
Thanks in advance!

I use it to create JSONs that I then write into a text column. Here is how I use the hard-written JSONs:

  • Horizontal aggregation: instead of having many columns with data, I aggregate the data in one JSON column. Then I use javascript functions to work on these data, which return another json containing the results I need. I then do a query JSON to retrieve each result.
  • Vertical aggregation: You can also aggregate each JSON (for each row) at a table level, to work with a master JSON that you can filter, or use to produce new aggregated results etc.
  • Structured data to send to make.com

Itโ€™s not exhaustive, Iโ€™m sure experts have of other ways to use it.


Thatโ€™s a good write-up and I donโ€™t think I have more to add.

I use vertical aggregation a lot, particularly when I have to send it to a third-party service like Make for further processing.


Thanks all!
Hoping for a @Robert_Petitto video too!

Already did!

Use the JSON object column to craft your own JSON object built from columns within your table before sending it off to Make or using it in a API call.