Weekday operations

Hello friends!
I would like tips on how to do operations with days of the week. I’m working on a scheduling application. I wish the administrator could access a list of tomorrow’s schedules.
With a date just put today+1 but being days of the week the following occurs: If we are on “day” 25 we add “1” and we have 26. But if we are on Friday and we do not work on Saturday and Sunday how do I appear "Monday "?
I add that I make it available every day of the month and the administrator marks the days of the week that he goes to work.
Thank you very much for the excellent improvements made to Glide …

Great question! I think the most obvious workaround is to have a list of days for the next 30-60 days and assign them “workday values”.

So for example Jan 1 is Monday, it gets assigned 1, same until Jan 5 - which is 5. Next workday we have is Jan 8, then it gets assigned a 6.

By that way when you increase 1 on Jan 5, the front end will display Jan 8 instead of Jan 6. It eats up some rows but that’s the first thing I can think of.

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How are you displaying “tomorrows” schedule? How are you incrementing the date? Is it manually or do you expect to open the app and always the next workday automatically?

  • I think you could first create a math column that gets the current Now date formatted with they day of the included.
  • Then create a template column to 'lock in" that formatted date into the template column. (you may or may ot be able to skip this step. It may work without the template)
  • Then create an If/Then column first checks if the template column contains ‘Friday’. If it does return the value ‘3’. Then have it check if the template column contains ‘Saturday’. If it does return the value ‘2’. Else return the value of 1.
  • Then create a math column that will add the value returned in the last math column plus the current Now date in the first Math column.
  • Finally you should be able to check if the calculated next work day equals the day in the schedule.

Jeff’s solution is better! You can have the now value via a math column I believe. If you’re formatting the date with the weekday text in then this will work.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh and @Jeff_Hager for your help.
I’m following a playlist made here in Brazil by our friend and community Expert Member @Messias_Carvalho.
The days are placed in the Dates tab of a google spreadsheet. The second row of the column is “today”.
The next one is “A2 + 1” so on and on until I always have 90 days to schedule without administrator interference. I was unable to add dates by the administrator.
The days of the week are in another BD tab with a boolean where the administrator chooses the days of the week to be worked on.
I will try to understand the tips to implement.

Thank you very much for your attention.