Specific Day of the week computed column

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to add a column to my Glide Page that calculates a future date based on when an entry was done.
To be clearer, I’d like the entries placed between Monday and Saturday of week 1, shows a payment date of next Thursday.
How do I do this?

I would use 3 columns for this:

  • Start with a Math column that determines the Weekday of the given Date
  • Add a second Math column that determines the date of Thursday of the following week
    Date + (5-Weekday(Date)) + 7
  • Finally, an if-then-else column that only outputs the date of next Thursday if the given date is not a Sunday
    – If Day of Week is greater than 1, then next Thursday’s Date

Here is how that would look:


Thanks a million @Darren_Murphy ! It worked

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