Webhooks for Sheets

Saw this on ProductHunt this morning. Haven’t tried this yet, but seems like a free alternative to NoCodeAPI if you want to access your Google Sheet via an API call.


Nice if you want to write TO a spreadsheet…does it allow fetch FROM a sheet though?

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Thank you @darren for sharing this! This is really a lifesaver) No need to read endless Sheets API documentation anymore.

Interesting tool @darren!

I work with deployed Web Apps from GS for these cases by using something like this:

but this new Add-On looks great if someone wants the same goal without coding a script line. I think it’s for writing values to a GS only , read data (fetch) from a GS will need another technique and more work, sorry @Robert_Petitto , I hoped the same :face_with_thermometer:


I was asking the same question here.

I managed to get one of the sheets to fetch json but its a long process to be honest with app script

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