Webhooks as data sources for Glide Pages

I like the data sources provided, however, they also sometimes call for unnecessary duplication of data. This can become tricky, especially when syncing data or with respect to adhering to various privacy regulations. Would be great if I can build a collection sourced from data that is already inside a system of record by talking to a webhook or serverless function.

Sometimes you just want to consolidate data from various data sources inside one single interface or dashboard, without the need to specifically have that data reside inside Glide.

I do that by using the api column fetch

You would still have to bring that data inside Glide though, using a fetch column as @Yasin_Hassanien said. If you have a lot of data, I think it would affect the app’s performance.

I agree. That would still duplicate the data. In this case, I would like Glide to just act as an interface between the UI and the external data.

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is there a way to promote this post to a feature request?

You would have to create a new feature request post.