Web Acessibility

I feel there is a necessity to improve many appplication features and page design toward incorporating buttons and functions to enhance acessibility to disabled people.

In our case, we provide useful and education information to people with Diabetes (a significant percentage of them has vision impairment).

Many users complain about the missing features of acessibility, especially the older ones.

It might be special for disabled people and exponentially useful to aggregate these features.

Would you agree?

In the settings panel, for an app (I don’t believe it’s available for Pages but I could be mistaken, I’m not in front of my computer to confirm), there is a checkbox to enhance contrast.

Shame on me for not knowing, but what exactly does “web accessibility” mean? I believe some accessibility features are native to one’s OS and maybe to browsers, but I didn’t know a website or app builder also needed to incorporate such features.


Web accessibility means tools to improve the consume of information for disabled people, especially concerning blindness and deafness inclusivity (magnifying glasses, contrast tools, audio, possibility to magnify letters, etc.)
In our context it would be extremely worthwhile and it would demonstrate the concerns of glide apps about inclusiveness and accessibility.


Daniel Pedral

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That makes a lot of sense and it’s important.

When I build an app, I always go to the settings of the app and set it to high contrast.

As for the other features – magnification, audio – do you know if this is usually taken care of by the developer or by the browser/OS? For instance, I do know that there are accessibility features in MacOS, ChromeOS and Windows.