Wait Action

While enhanced webhook action would be nice, I would prefer a Glide wait action. Whether it’s client side with javascript (preferred) or server side.

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It’s been a year since they commented on this and nothing so far?

Ya…there are many feature requests that are a year or two old and haven’t been implemented yet. Glide is prioritizing moving apps over to the new computational model that Glide Pages is built on before they begin adding new features I guess.

Got it, I have a problem here. Maybe you can tell me. I need to add information from a Search to another table that is in Google Sheets. When I activate the action flow through the Glide Editor everything works normally, but when activated through the smartphone it ignores the Lookup. I have the feeling that there is no time. So the delay function would be interesting to delay these actions and allow it to read the lookup in time.

Alguma sugestão para a mensagem acima? :sweat_smile:

I’d need to see what it is you’re looking to accomplish before I can make a suggestion. What do you mean by “add info from a search”?

Eu pego dados de um lookup em uma tabela Glide e jogo esses dados numa Planilha do Google.
Se eu executar pelo Editor do Glide dá certo, mas pelo smartphone não.

Here is the easiest solution I have found so far:

1: Open your google sheet. Click on extensions, then hover over Add-ons, then click on Get add-ons.

2: Search for “Sheet Automation”. (see image below) Click Install.

  1. Once installed, click again on Extensions, then hover over Sheet Automation, then click on Open.

  1. Once the extension loads click on the +New Rule button.

  1. Name your rule, set the desired trigger, define the condition for the rule, set the action, then save. (Note: The below example resets all users’ data in a column back to “1” after any glideapps action changes any cell in that column. In this example I reset a player’s profile image from an action .gif image to its original resting .gif image, effectively creating a character animation. This can take anywhere from 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds depending on the device.)

  1. At present the triggers will only work on free accounts on manual changes within Google Sheets. However, the extension developer will allow testing of 3rd party triggers as described above. Send them an email on their website (below) to request access—or pay $49 for a year for 30,000+ triggers, if that’s more your speed.

I hope this helps until the Glide team is able to implement a wait/delay system. :grin: :stuck_out_tongue: :saluting_face:

guys… it is very simple… add a waiting gif or CSS and set visibility conditions for an event to happen… that’s all

@Uzo Thanks, but I don’t think that updates/changes anything on the Google Sheet. We’re looking for an action to fire from manual user input, then a delay, then another action fires without manual user input.

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The visibility of the wait icon, condition set to a Google sheet cell, then you have two options… show button if that gs cell is true, than set custom action… or add a simple script, with onChange trigger

I have tried multiple attempts to get Google Sheets to process an onChange script when a cell is changed from an action made in a Glide App. It doesn’t seem to recognize any changes made from an outside source and only runs the script if the change is made manually in GoogleSheets. I have even tried cloud functions. The process I posted above is the only viable solution I have found so far.

I don’t have any problems with running scripts, when change is made by glide app… are you sure the trigger is on change, not on edit?