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Hello, how are you all! I hope you are very well, I would like to get some help from you, it is that I cannot do it, how can I make the “Theme” and “Prize” information be seen by all the agencies and not only by the first agency?

For example here is a test of how the first user who is “GOLDEN” sees it

But now the following people will not be able to see what it says

This is what the GLIDE table looks like, if someone could help me with a possible solution

I would make sure you have the same values on every row instead of only the first row. Your sheet appears to have special formatting to expand the first row across all rows, but it’s only formatting and in reality, it’s still only in the first row.

Other options would be to create two single value columns which would populate the values from the first row across all rows. Or you could just use template columns with the all of the information written in the template columns.

Remember, a sheet or table should only be used as a database that contains a consistent set of data and should only contain one set of headers in the first row. It shouldn’t have any special formatting or multiple sets of headers scattered throughout the sheet.

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Would you explain the second option a little more, since it sounds interesting

The Single Value column option? Just add a Single Value column type to your table in the data editor. It will ask you to select a table and column. Select the theme column. It will duplicate it across all rows. But first, I would really suggest cleaning up your table. All those extra duplicates column headings, really make things more complicated. If you don’t, then you will have to set you your single value column to grab from the second row instead of the first row.

Could you give me an example through photos? It is to better understand the concept, well only if possible

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