VCard App - where to host the .vcf file

I’ve created a pretty nice looking virtual business card in Glide, the one sticking point I’m having is where to host the .vcf file (instructions on how to create it are here: VCARD)
I have tried saving the file in Google Docs and Dropbox but neither is a clean open/download/install experience for the user. Has anyone figured this out? This is a great way to share my contact info.

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Couldn’t you just upload the file to glide through a file picker? Then share the link?

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That would be great but when I click the picker on my phone, I am asked to “choose an action” of Camera / Camcorder / Files - and selecting Files only brings me to my own folders to choose from.

Researching the File Picker further, I am a bit confused. The only reference document says this:
But when trying to use it, it only seems to be asking which file I want to open on my phone, not downloading it.

Aren’t you trying to upload the vcf file? That’s the point of the file picker…to pick a file to upload and store on glide servers. Where do you have the vcf file stored? I would think it would be a matter of putting the file in a location that the picker can access. You can always do it from a desktop since it sounds like it’s just a one time upload.

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Sounds like there’s a misunderstanding from her side regarding the file picker and sharing links if I read this right.

So a file picker picks a file from your phone and uploads them to Glide’s server, then return a link of that file to your Sheet.

To actually let people download said file, use a link component or a button that sets to open the link.


No, I’m not worried about me uploading the file, I am trying to figure out a simple way for the person that I shared it with to download my .vcf file which is part of the virtual business card - either clicking action text or a button. Right now when I have the file “hosted” in dropbox, the user must open (and have) dropbox to download it to their phone. Same with google docs.

There is a website that sells these vcards ( and I am looking for a similar functionality - everything else they do can be done in glide.

Yes, you are correct. The issue is what happens when someone clicks the link in my app to download my vcf file - I want it to just say “add to contacts” on their phone if that is possible.

It probably all depends on the device, but if you host the file on glide, it should allow them to download the file and you wouldn’t have to deal Dropbox or anything like that. Not sure what happens once they click on the link, but it might work.

I use this service:

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Thanks Robert, but that link just downloads your VCard - I am assuming that you are not the service :wink:

I tried his link. It downloads the file, and when I click to open it, it asks if I want to import the contact. It didn’t immediately attempt to import, but worked how I would expect it to work. I think you are alway gonna need to download a file before opening it.


I have found a solution!
It is free to just load one contact and here is how my card looks (still in draft, but the download is functioning well)

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Hi there,
Just wondering if you can share how you uploaded your own vcf file to the vCard hosting site you used? I can only see how to use their vCard generator but want to use the custom vcf file I have created. Appreciate the help!

Hi Kathy,

I too was having the exact same problem where I wanted a smooth process and not one that looked confusing and when I discovered I was very happy as I am sure you were as well.

However, I have not taken out a subscription with them as yet because I sent them an email and haven’t gotten a reply. I also saw that they haven’t posted on their social media pages since 2014.

I thought I would ask you whether you took out a paid subscription with them, if you had any problems and how you would rate them.

Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks a lot Kathy


Hi Marbev - I did not subscribe. The free plan allowed me one vcf and I used it for my own info, but decided not to add the feature to my app as I’m not charging the users so I can’t pass along the cost.

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for replying.

I understand. I am guessing you have not had a reason to reach out to them since finding them.