Values and text on one screen line

I have four calculated values ​​in a sheet.
Say number 1 to number 4.
I would like to have them displayed like this:

text A: number 1 text
text B: number 2 text
text C: number 3 text
text D: number 4 text

use BasicTable component:

Adding to @Uzo’s suggestion, you can also use a Template column to add some text after your numbers if it’s not a consistent prefix/postfix for all numbers. Then use that template column in your basic table as the right-hand side.

Energy 386 kcal
Fats 25 g
Carbohydrates 238 g
Protein 43 g

This is the table I want to show. With Uzo’s way I can’t show units behind the numbers. as a physicist it is such a shame.

I don’t understand the second suggestion of a Template column. Not even where I can find it. Please some more explanation.

why you cant show units behind???

Found the Template column, go try it

Thank you very much for your very quick response.

Even better Uzo.

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Please mark @Uzo comment for the ‘solution’ to this post. It’s the least you can do for an expert who gives his free time :wink:


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