Using the column heading as data entry

Looking to combine the column heading along side the associated row value to create a product list, which is then entered into a cell upon pushing button. This will be a summary of products ordered.

Any help appreciated

You can’t use the column heading, but can reference it as fixed text using a template column.

I see, so would i need to create a template for each column heading?

you probably have the wrong data structure, if you are looking for this kind of solution…
you should have a category of the product as a column, not a column title

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so that the product is displayed in the neighbouring cell to amount ordered?

all properties and values that you wanna display… have to be in columns not in columns titles… so in your case…
column title - products names… rows contain names of products
column title - amount ordered… rows contain amounts of ordered products

Thanks for your help on this!

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meant to ask, assuming i’ve set it up this way, do you have any suggestions on how to get this into a list that can populate a single cell?

it depends on how your data is structured…
you can use a single value column if you know where the value is… or create a filter to bring out that cell based on multiple criteria’s

Looking to have it set up in row as Product 1 name - amount- £ , Product 2 name - amount - £, etc…

What i would like to do is have an order summary cell in sheets that updates upon pressing a button displaying all product names and amounts where amount is populated.

**Order summary**

Product 1 name - amount
Product 2 name - amount

Thought initially set column value on button would work but can only assign one value to heading?

wrong structuring!
why you are into columns titles? columns titles are only for your convenient … have nothing to do with data… if you really need to depend values on columns titles… you can do that in Google sheets or scripts… not in Glide

I may not be explaining this correctly.

I wont be using the column titles, i would like to take the product name in row and quantity ordered to create a summary that i can use to populate a single cell in sheets.

Is this possible?


yes… use a template column to combine rows

Will give it a try, thanks for your help

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You might also find the Joined List column useful for this.

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If the cell being matched to the template is empty, I’m getting the cap letter text displayed instead. Is there a way to return nothing in template if the cell is empty?

What’s the “cap letter”? Do you mean the letter you use for the template? It should not happen, so can you share some screenshots of how you’re setting that up?