Using Row Owners - Staff Hierarchy And Limiting Client Access

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I’m looking to use glide to develop a client portal which both the staff of the business can use to communicate with clients and serve them reports on their assets, as well as having the clients be able to log in, see their assets at a glance and how they are performing and request assistance with specific changes to assets that the company holds for them.

Currently, I am attempting to use Row Owners as a way of setting up a hierarchy. The hierarchy would have the CEO of the business able to access everything, with Managers being able to access all clients and staff members, staff members able to access clients that are assigned to them, and clients only able to access their own individual information.

I took a look at the Row Owners documentation and a previous help article that I can no longer find that suggested that having multiple row owner columns and assigning a single value across all new users would allow for something similar to what I’m after.

I tried setting up my data as seen below, but in doing so, none of the row owners with extra permissions seem to have access to anything other than what their own email is assigned to.

Am I misunderstanding this at a fundamental level and is there some other area that I should be looking at to set up what I’m after? Any help with documentation that I can take a look at to better understand the system would be awesome.


You’ll need to use Row Owners in combination with Roles. In your example screen shot, I see that you have a Roles column, but is that column actually configured as the Role column in your User Profiles setup? I suspect that it isn’t, and that’s why it’s not working as you expect.

Here are a few references that might help:

Have a review of the above to start with, and feel free to reach out after that.


Thanks for that one Darren.

I actually just stumbled on that video from Robert and setting the Roles up in the User Profile immediately fixed the issue.

Appreciate the extra docs and the helpful reply. Lots of stuff to learn!

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No problems. This is a topic that some folks struggle a bit with, and it does take a while to get your head around it. If you get stuck at any point, we’re here to help.

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