Using If then Else with math/time

Have an app where users try to unlock a screen by entering a code. If they get it correct the screen unlocks and a row is written in a table with the timestamp. If they complete all 10 codes within a certain time they would earn a badge. I have all of this working except the badge aspect as I can’t get the ITE to recognise the time.

How does an ITE column read the time in a math column? As the screenshot shows, all users are getting the badge, even though there are only 2 teams under 30 minutes. I’m guessing there is a quick fix to the format that will solve this. Clearly, typing ‘30’ in there isn’t actually 30 minutes, but I’m unsure what to actually put there.

Use a Math column to calculate the duration in whole minutes, then you can do a direct numerical comparison.


Thank you Darren! :pray:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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