I have a private professional account and I have created a tab to create my users and my roles, but I cannot see the users of different roles to edit or modify, how can I fix it

I don’t understand how my private users work, why can I only create one password for everyone? someone had an example

Would suggest reviewing the library docs and videos related to setting up and configuring User Profiles.

There are a number of authentication options to choose from, which you can configure via the Privacy Settings of your app. Sounds like you might have “Limit Access by Password” selected. You might want to change that to “Limit Access by Email”.

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ok in this part can create the users that I want, with different roles, but I can’t see them in my list to be able to edit

  • Have you configured User Profiles? (can you show a screen shot of how that is configured)
  • Can you show a screenshot of the data in your User Profiles table, including the column headings? (hide any sensitive data first)

mmm, I think you have a misunderstanding of how Row Owners should be used. Before going any further, may I suggest that you watch the below video tutorial. It may help you understand a bit better.

Ok, gracias thanks