User to Add Columns to a kanban view

i have a list of projects were each project have his own Kanban board.
i want the user to configure the number of columns for each board
if a user wants to configure board 1 for project 1 to be 3 columns (to do- doing-done)
and for project 2 wants to configure a different Kanban view to be 4 columns (unstarted-started-delayed-done)…etc
how can we achieve this ? and how the structure of the table will be?
i know it can be done somehow.or by any workaround.

I think you might be able to have a setup like this.

  • Add a number of “Kanban value” columns to your user profiles table (say Kanban 1, Kanban 2, Kanban 3).

  • Configure a screen on top of the User Profiles table, filter the screen to email is signed-in user.

  • Add a container to show them entries to fill in.

  • Add a kanban component and construct those values as “custom groups”.

Make sure you group by the “status” column in your Projects table (I assume that’s what you are referring to here).


thank you very much for your reply, i found a workaround to allow the user to create a board then create a column then create a card inside that column, but i ran into a problem, ifa column is empty then it disappears. i don’t want that behaviour at all. i tried to add an empty card when creating a column automatically but i couldn’t filter it from the view. i don’t know what to do other than prevent user from deleting a card if it is the only one in the column but that makes no sense. any ideas? @ThinhDinh