In Kanban, is there a way to display more than 4 columns without scrolling across?

Hi, I am trying to create a kanban that includes a column for each day of the week, and I can move tasks within and across to different days.

I will be using this primarily on my PC and it appears there would be room on the screen to include all 7 columns, but the kanban wont expand to fit the width when viewing in full screen (has scroll bar at bottom once columns exceed 4). Is it possible to eliminate the scroll feature to display all items/expand the width of the Kanban component?

Obviously past a point scrolling would be inevitable, but in my use case, there is space for 7.

Thank you!

No, not a native feature at the moment. I wonder if you can change the width of each column using CSS, but CSS is only available on Business & Enterprise.

Ok thank you!

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By the same token, if the scroll bar were on the top, it would work a LOT better. (or if the column names were repeated below so you knew what column you were dropping an item into). I am just starting to adopt some of the “new” components, and I figured if I waited long enough all the “hiccups” would be out of them, but I always seem to stretch the boundaries of things.

Or what if you could have a kanban pointing to two different tables and drag items from one to the other – or perhaps they both point to the same table, but you have some “topics” in the top kanban and others in the bottom. Just talking out loud at this point. Microsoft “tasks”, which I am trying to replace with my own app, allows dragging items from one list to another – which isn’t really a kanban, per se, but would be really neat. Is there a drag/drop component that I’m not aware of?

Nope. Kanban is the only one. Basically dragging means changing the value of a cell in your database. If you point them to two tables, that would mean moving a row from one table to another, which I doubt they would do (not sure what’s the use case).

Well the use case is what I pointed out. The kanban seems very ill equipped to deal with large amounts of data. And by large I mean anything more than what will fit on the screen. It would be different if the headers would lock when you scroll like in a spreadsheet. Lacking that it’s impossible to know what column you are dragging things to if you’re working down inside the data.

Another ‘feature’ I just discovered about Kanban – if there is nothing in a column, that column will be unavailable to drag anything into. It would also be nice if we could specify column order. Right now the order is seemingly arbitrary – not even Alpha order.

You can specify custom groups here and dragging them around.

It works here. Can you reproduce it in a video?


Missed that part. That works to solve both my issues (empty group and order of columns).

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