In Kanban, is there a way to display more than 4 columns without scrolling across?

Hi, I am trying to create a kanban that includes a column for each day of the week, and I can move tasks within and across to different days.

I will be using this primarily on my PC and it appears there would be room on the screen to include all 7 columns, but the kanban wont expand to fit the width when viewing in full screen (has scroll bar at bottom once columns exceed 4). Is it possible to eliminate the scroll feature to display all items/expand the width of the Kanban component?

Obviously past a point scrolling would be inevitable, but in my use case, there is space for 7.

Thank you!

No, not a native feature at the moment. I wonder if you can change the width of each column using CSS, but CSS is only available on Business & Enterprise.

Ok thank you!

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